Well, this is new…

I haven’t blogged in years. Honestly, I’m a bit nervous but I figured it’s never too late to get back to something you use to enjoy.

So, for those who don’t know me let me introduce myself:

My name is Madalyn and my pronouns are they/them. I’m most active on instagram and goodreads. I work at a library, am from the southern United States, and am currently 28 years old. I love all kinds of genres, but SFF is definitely my favorite. I am almost always reading, either a book or fanfiction, I’m not that picky. I’m queer and so very much enjoy reading about characters that are also queer.

Last year I was able to finish over 100 books, which was honestly a suprise concidering, you know, 2020. So far this year, I’ve read 22 books and most have been fantastic reads. I’m hoping the rest of the year continues on in that way!

This blog is probably going to mostly be about books, but will also have some posts about social justice issues, cats, all things queer, supporting small businesses, and maybe even some more personal posts.

If you want to know even more about me, check out my About Me page!

So, now that I’ve introduced myself, tell me about yourself! How did you stumble across my little blog? What are you looking forward to most out of my blog?

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  1. Welcome to the blog world! I’m new at this too! 22 books this year do far is great. Nice to meet you! šŸ™‚

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    1. Hi, Amanda! Nice to meet you too šŸ˜Š I’ll have to check out your blog!

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  2. TheSpookySasha says:

    Welcome to the blog world and congrats on reading over 100 books last year!! I look forward to seeing your shared reviews on books. šŸ™‚

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    1. Thank you, Sasha! And yeah, I’m still not entirely sure how that 100 happened lol

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